Inked Dart Wallet - Ta Moko Design Story

Inked Dart Wallet - Ta Moko Design Story

At Shot, we absolutely love working with global artists and illustrators. These collabs let us create something unexpected, explore other eras and cultures, and offer something fresh and unique to players who love a story with a little grit. 

For our Inked Dart case, ‘Ta Moko’ Shot collaborated with New Zealand-based artist Julie Paama-Pengelly who specialises in amazing tattoo styles like Ta Moko, Body Suits, Ornamental and Mauri Moko.

The main design of the case is "Nga Hau e wha" - the four winds. It's a new Zealand Maori saying that expresses the bringing together of people from the four corners of the world and with the name Omaki, the winds are evoked to ensure the swift flight of the dart. While the modern dart is represented in the center of the design, the original turkey feather flight features also in the design.

Says Julie "Moko to me is a process of connecting each of us through its practice, to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, so that their mana and mauri may become centred within our personal spiritual self”.

See more of Julie's beautiful tattoo and design work on her website

Instagram @artbodycreative

The entire Inked Dart Wallet Range is available now!